How did I get here?

How did I come to be doing what I'm doing today? It's a bit convoluted but I'll see if I can trace a path for you. I'm leaving heaps of stuff out, but I'm sure you don't want a blow by blow description.

Boring stuff: I lived throughout a selection of wheatbelt towns for the first 6 or 7 years of life. I became a voracious and eclectic reader along with my elder sister, my only other sibling, four years older than me.

I remember digging clay out of the front verge at Northam after the rains, and making kangaroos out of it. I can't have been more that 5yrs old at the time.

My Mum went into pottery later, and the proximity of the tactile media so readily available was irresistable. Even now, when I haven't touched clay for years I am still really a sculptress at heart.

Throughout primary school I devoured books and stories, but was always annoyed that there never seemed to be enough books about the things that I liked. Unicorns , dragons, centaurs, gryphons, prehistoric life, you know the sort of things I mean. I loved The King Of The Copper Mountains, it's one of my favourte books of all time. Other favourites were the wonderful Lizard Music and The Stone Cage. Great stuff. I read The Colour of Magic when it first appeared in the library system here. The Green Dragon books I haven't read for a long time, I wonder if I'll like them as much now as I did then.

Dad being a photo-journalist, I hope he was pleased when I turned out to be nearly as prolific a writer as I was a reader! I wrote the sort of stuff that I liked to read, as no one else seemed to do as much as I wanted. Much the same thing happened with drawing.

Nowadays of course, there's lots of the sort of stuff I like to read, but I've not got the time to read it in. Feh!

I did the normal high school thing, and towards the end of that set the Guidance Officer drove me to the Claremont School of Art, who later sent me a telegram (for they still existed in those days!) saying that I had been accepted.

For the next three years I drew, sculpted, painted (badly), welded, developed, printed and exhibited under the excellent tutors and artists of the art school. This fine institution no longer exists, which is a Damned Shame, it's produced some wonderful artists over the years and gave an excellent grounding in solid technique and skills and preservation of artwork.

I must have been something of a frustration for the lecturers though, I kept insisting on drawing unicorns, dragons, gryphons and the like. Oh well, despite this I did graduate with my Diploma of Fine Arts, Sculpture.

That year, I also met my husband. Top year all around! We've just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and we are certainly meant for each other. Some would say we deserve each other. He's a technomage. You wouldn't think that an artist/naturalist type would click with a techno/military history buff but there you go, dovetailing, opposites attract an' all that stuff.

Leece launches one of her smaller rockets I never thought I'd be a rocket scientist (literally) and he never thought he'd be a volunteer for the Australian Bird Atlassing project .

Fine Dragon It was around about then that we became involved with Swancon and this image was exhibited at one of the first Swancons I ever attended. It was and still is a very popular image and is now available in colour (woo-hoo!) here at my web shop.

Climbing Dragon Climbing Dragon Shortly after, Mum and I started a silkscreening business, which had reasonable success, selling at the local markets with images like these. which btw are available at:

I also drew portraits of the animals at the Perth Zoo and sold them shirts as well.

Fortunately or un as the case may be, Mum got a "real" job that paid "real" money, and I too became employed in the "real" world for a few years.

Recently this has ceased and the existance of Cafe Press been brought to my attention as being a Cool Thing. Indeed it is, and with a huge ready supply of the drawings which I have already done for my previous business, and an even larger supply of drawings which we were never able to have put onto screen, due to expense. It also is nice to not have to print in 42 degree heat or the cold rain in an unserviced studio!

If you visit my shop you will see works like these, which only the few people who've been through my folio personally or been to exhibitions have even seen, let alone worn!

It is like having a gallery! People can come in and just look, and that's lovely! If they buy something then that is praise indeed.

Ancient Waters What is really cool is that I can now produce colour works. I have something, you will notice, of a bias towards black and white illustration. This was encouraged by the nature of the silkscreening we were doing, we were not geared for process colour. So I've been drawing with brush and/or pen images like this for years and years.

However, now that I'm not limited to the restraints of the medium that's being printed theres also the limitless possibilities of images like the one to the left, or even the humorous (right) to enjoy. I still personally prefer black and white though, but that's just me.

That's me in somewhat more than a nutshell, I hope that you have time to visit my webshop gallery, and that you enjoy the images there. They take a lot of time to be produced, and are by a qualified and dedicated professional artist (that's me!) with love (really! I think all good artists are just that 'tiny' bit obsessional), care and attention.

More images, some very recent are being added every week so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you for taking the time to find out a bit about what makes me tick.