Dolphin sighted on starboard beam. From shower.
Temperature 22
Pressure 1003 and falling
Humidity 60%
Cloud 7/8th
Gusty Easterly wind.

So I was having a shower this morning and looked out the window and there was a dolphin downstream, not 30 metres away! It's warmish, pre stormish feeling.

Location: Murray River houseboats, Ravenswood
Temperature: 24 C
Pressure: 1003 and steady
Hygrometer: 71 %

This morning we woke up and had a leisurely breakfast. We decided to come up river before returning the Lady Rose to home. As we approached the Ravenswood bridge we thought that it looked a bit high, due to the tide. Concerned for the antennas we rang Murray, but he said go through, if they break off it'll be my fault. So we did. We heard them scraping but there were no snapping noises. (!)

We tooled on right up the river, seeing rainbow bee-eaters and spoonbill and anhinga nest, bracken and great trees and interesting boats and houses, wild river and settled, green water and drifting. All to soon it was time to go back.

We've both really enjoyed this trip. Really Really Really lots. Now we're sitting in the ship, saying au revoir, not adieu, sad to be going, but looking forward to next time.

It'll be really good to be able to get all the way to Pinjarra and to spend time up river!

End log.
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