Cooper's Mill
Temperature: 20C
Barometer 1018 rising
Humidity 49%

Have cooked pancakes, go us! We'll be off after this, don't know where yet.

Temperature 23
Barometer 1014 rising
Humidity 45%
Location: Boogying up the River 32.59.533S 115.83.09500E

We have anchored on the east bank of the river. When throwing out the anchor to stern the anchor chain got caught in the deck planks which caused me a couple of anxious moments until I yanked it out with prejudice! We are settling down for some serious gaming. Lucky we're not in a houseboat playing Ascencion poker!


I've just been the first to go completely bust at Burn Rate, the dot.com card game. I'm at -18. This is a little bit much like real life for my taste, I prefer my games to be a bit more escapist...too much like office politics, which are not something I enjoy . At all. Pretty amusing though.

Karl just went out at -6.
Mark goes out at -8
Rob lays off a bunch of managers, a sales vp, and there you go finished on 7.

Back at Ravenswood
Temperature: 28 ?
Barometer: 1005 Rising ?
Humidity 36 %

The variant of Catan Express is taking a bit longer than we expected and we stuffed up the beginning. We are back in Ravenswood to drop people off but I think we have a liittle more time to try and maybe finish it.

Finished very very very suddenly Joceyln 9. and the winner of the Great Train Race. Well, sort of. Turns out we'd forgotten a rule that meant that she wouldn't have. We will do better next time.

Karl 8.
Leece 8.
Rob 7.
Mark 7.

Mark 26
Karl and Rob 36
Joceylyn 58
Leece 46.

Meanwhile...back at Pelican's.
30 degrees C
1000HPa and rising
Humidity 46%

The instruments were left out in the sun and have been a bit flaky since, so these observations mightn't be accurate. We've dropped of Mark, Joceylyn and Karl back at Ravenswood and tooled down here to Pelican's where it's very warm and quiet. Dangled my legs in the river for the first time. A cold shock, then lovely. Sun is very warm. Boats tooling by. Nothing quite so worth while as simply messing about on the water in boats. Except for having good companionship to do it with.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit, we will let you all know when we do it again! And there WILL be a next time. But for now, we're sliding into a sleepy sunday afternoon, crab nets over the side and our last evening on the Lady Rose, who is a Lady after all! We'll be taking her back at 1600 tomorrow.

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