Temperature 14
Barometer 1023 rising
Hygroneter 69%
Cloud Cover Overcast
Wind light

Waking up at Ravenswood. I haven't had any coffee yet so don't expect much of a log entry out of ME.

Location : Pelican's
Temperature: 24C
Barometer 1017 Falling
Humidity 40%

Joceyln and Karl have joined us, and after a couple of rounds of Seargent Major which ended inconclusively whilst awaiting their arrival we have all headed off to pelican's and put down some crab nets and caught and release about 7 undersized crabs. We're now going to have a game of something before lunch. Mmmudcake for morning tea, courtesy of Mark.

Ticket to Ride
Jocelyn 87
Leece 87
Mark 125
Karl 115
Robert 92

Evil Mark. Enough said.

Pirate's Cove!
Mark 22
Jocelyn 18
Karl 33
Robert 28
Leece 30

QOTG:"Joceylyn's going to get a glass bottomed boat so she can see her old boat!"

Temperature 17C
Humidity 60%
Pressure 1020 steady
Wind - still

We've all tooled down to Cooper's Mill again where wee've had a game of Munchkin, with all the expansions that are available in Australia at the moment. Rob won on 10, I was on 7 and Mark was on 4, Joceyln was on 3 and Karl was on 5. It was an extremely Munchkinly game and the Blender cards just make insanity the norm.

Then a very pleasant bbq and then played Pirate's Cove. I'd like to commend Days of Wonder for telling me they'd send me the missing bits from our set of this when I wrote to them. They pretty much responded the same day! Our Pirate's Cove game was the most violent I've seen. Rob and I have got to move the boat in the morning so we've made the pancake batter and are leaving the other 3 playing Burn Rate. Which I've never seen and looks twisted. Scores follow...

Burn Rate:
Karl 20 | -6 2nd out
Jocelyn -6 2nd out | 26
Mark -13 1st out | -3 1st out

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