Leaving Cooper's Mill
Temperature: 12C
Pressure: 1013 Rising
Hygrometer: 72%
Wind: Easterly (!)
Cloud 7/8ths

07:13 En-route to fishing site.
115.743E 32.568S, 244 True, 4kts
Cloud 7/8
Bar 1011 fall
Hum 60%
Tem 14C

Heading for fishing grounds in a light following sea. Leaving Coopers took some effort as the current and wind were both keeping the windward mooring line too taut to release. We eventually got away.

32.56777S 115.74770E
90 True.

Wind and waves too rough for houseboat out on the eastury. Attempted anchoring 500m from proposed fishing site, but decided to weigh anchor, and return to the river.

Aground in the channel!
Pressure 1009 falling
Humidity 45%
Wind Strong Easterly
32.34.546S 115.45.456E
Temperature 18C

We are aground within the channel leading to the Murray. Within the channel the water is supposed to be clear, however these sandbars don't seem to want to be told. We went out to where we thought we would fish, but the boat started rocking laterally to an extent that I found alarming and Rob found 'uncomfortable'. Rob directed me back to the markers and then as we were approaching the river channel we saw a dolphin hunting and sluicing up big sprays of water. Rob started taking pictures and I kept to the channel as directed. Then we ran aground and Rob thought I'd misread the channel markings, but then realised that we were still in the channel but that a sandbar had snuck into it .

But meanwhile the dolphin has been giving us a real show and coming quite close to the boat. We have to wait here until we are either rescued or we get more water under our bow.

Rob here... While I was trying to take a photo of the dolphin, I suddenly realised that we were not moving - and from where I was standing, I thought that we had left the channel. When we checked astern, though , we were still clearly inside the channel - and a sand bar had crept into the channel. The odd thing about it was that we had not felt ourselves run aground. We are now being held on the bar by a strong NE wind. Still, we have our pots out, and the dolphin is putting on a very good show.

Temperature 22C
Pressure 1018 rising
Hygrometer 42%
32.58635S 115.826.8330 E
Return to Ravenswood.

People tried to rescue us but were unsuccessful, very kind of them. We stayed there, filming the obliging dolphin and also crabbing. We caught a crab we could keep too! We actually had quite a good time, and it was better than being shaken about on the estuary.

The houseboat people came and tugged us off the sandbar, just a note here, they've been wonderful. Great friendly people and more than incredibly helpful. We came up the river and saw a mummy dolphin and a baby dolphin just before we went to Pelican's where we stayed for the afternoon, having icecream and catching and releasing undersize crabs. We ate the rest of last night's pizza (which the gas fridge 1/4 froze - efficient!)

Then we piloted up to the Ravenswood jetty and met Mark who was eagerly awaiting us.

Ravenswood Game 1
Temperature 19C
Pressure 1017 steady
Humidity 50%
Still. Occassional light Easterly.

Poverty is not Dishonourable Game (Settlers of Catan)
This variant was EVILLLLLL! Evil Mark won, on 10 points, Leece on 7, Rob was on 9. It's from Das Buch and seems to kill trade, at least for the game we had!

Mark brought the makings of a lovely meal which we enjoyed very much, he calls it macaroni cheese, but it's like none I've ever tasted. Yummo.

Captain Parks
Mark 200 exactly
Rob 171
Leece 105

Yes I know. Mark keeps winning. It's late, Rob and I are tired from being stuck on a sandbank all morning. Yes. That's it. Good night all!

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