Temperature 14C
Pressure 1043 Rising
Humidity 76%

Ate our crab in Rob's super bryani last night and it was delicious. We've run out of water, but we can get more. We are off towards Pelicans, we may stop along the way and do some fishing.

Pelican's. E
Temperature 20C
Humidity 50%
Pressure 1038Hps rising

We actually, in the end piloted back to Ravenswood, and refueled and rewatered, which took about an hour, and then came back down river to Pelican's, where we took on vital supplies, like a couple of pies and some icecreams. And most important, milk.

The estuary was very nice crossing, not much wind, not any chop really. The river has been beautiful and smooth and greeny brown, trees overhanging the edge and waterbirds and whistling kites everywhere.

Tonight is (home-made) pizza night!

Cooper's Mill E

Pleasant spot with kangaroos and good jetty. It's located on Cooleenup Island, Yunderup. We're off to have a bit of an explore.

Back from our explore, we've had a wander around the island, the wind is getting stronger and seems to be blowing straight up the river from the estuary, which I can see from where I'm sitting typing this at Coopers' which is on an island in the mouth of the Murray. It's got toilets, a caretaker, and a playground with a really cool flying fox and bouncy swings. Oh, and a historic mill.

And a magpie that came and sat on our bbq, on the bow of the boat! We didn't see any kangaroos though. Perhaps we'll see some tomorrow, when we wake up, we're here for the night. We've been bailed up now by 4 magpies, a magpie lark, and a blackduck. The crabbing is promising, heaps of undersized, bodes well for when the tide comes in.

Cooper's Mill Nightime
Temperature 14C
Pressure 1039 Hp Rising
Humidity 88%

The crab nets are running hot with just undersized crabs, there are strange sounds out there in the night: sound carries over water. Rob cooked some lovely homemade pizza, dough and all, it was delicious and we have some left for lunch tomorrow. It's sounding very still and quiet out there, except for the occassional cryptoaudience.

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