Location: Boundary Island Mooring. 32.567100S 115.7135500E
Temperature 19C
Pressure 1019HPa rising
Humidity 60%
Cloud Cover 3/8th
Strong southerly winds

We woke up at around 6am, had breakfast, pulled up the crab pots. Nothing, in most cases, not even bait.

Sun painfully bright this morning, wind fast and cold.

Went for a walk on Boundary Island, lots of thousand year old shells and also traces of macropod inhabitants. Very interesting. A local whistling kite cruises past the ship every now and then, over the island. Boundary Island is quite large. It is mostly sandy with shells, moss and spiky grasses, but some parts have casuarina, wattle and stunted gum and native peppermint trees.

The forecast is warning of thunderstorms but alsthough we are surrounded by clouds on all horizons we have not much been out of very bright sunlight.

Temperature 20C
Pressure 1018HPa steady
Humidity 55%

Had nice sandwiches for lunch. A little bit of bird watching and filming, and studying waders. I can now almost reliably identify a greenshank. A bit of excitement when the lads in the houseboat next to ours got their fishing hook, with blowie attached tangled in our antenna. Crabnets in the morning were discouraging but increasing numbers of undersized crabs came and were released, and finally, just now, we caught a legal sized one which is going into our dinner tonight if we don't catch any more. So we're very pleased with ourselves! Still hiding from the strong south west wind at Boundary Island. Tomorrow we'll go and fish in the estuary a bit and then get some petrol at Pelican's. We plan to spend the night there or nearby and then head back to pick Mark up at Ravenswood on Friday night.

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