Time 06:55
Town Jetty - 32.31.960S 115.43.094E
15 C
1018 HPa rising
Hygrometer 74%
Air is calm, 1/8th cloud cover.

Slept well, the tide has moved the boat into a better position. Having breakfast ahead of Rob going to the shops and Maureen, Steveg, Poss and Mum arriving for the day.

15.59 pm
Location: Boundary Island Mooring. 32.567100S 115.7135500E
Temperature 20C
Pressure 1013 Hp rising
Humidity 63%
Cloud Cover 1/8th

We've had a busy day, Rob went up to the supermarket and bait shop at Mandurah, and we got some stuff for todays lunch with all the people coming.

Ros, Steveg, Maureen and Poss arrived, we got them on board and then set out for Boundary island where we had, courtesy of Mum bringing sausages, a lovely bbq! After that we took them back to Mandurah and said bye-bye and have now come back to Boundary Island where we've made a very comfortable mooring and are engaging in a bit of crabbing. We've filmed some interesting birds and photographed them too.

The boat really is very comfortable, even if she does steer like a lumpy brick. I've steered her quite a bit now, I've only moored her once, so I'm not too keen on doing that. All going pretty well. There might be thunderstorms tomorrow, so we might stay pretty close to where we are. We've seen Terek sandpipers and pied oyster-catchers just where we've moored, and lots of waders flying around in huge flocks, too far away to see what they were.

21.17 pm
Location: Boundary Island Mooring. 32.567100S 115.7135500E
Temperature 20C (inside - circa 14 out)
Pressure 1014 Hp rising
Humidity 76%
Cloud Cover 7/8th?

There has been some thunderstorm activity around us, but the closest appears to have been about 10km away. We have been joined by another boat that had come from Coopers Mill, where they had run into trouble with the same boat as we had trouble with last night. The two men aboard seem OK sorts. We've had dinner and some tea, and I'm being very heavy-eyed. Time to turn in...

Leece here: We've set 5 crab nets, but we haven't caught anything except blowies and stuff we have to throw back as it's too small. The blue manna crabs are very pretty, even the blowies are quite cute, but don't let the fishermen hear me say that. In Mandurah everyone looks at you funny if you say you don't fish, so we've bought a couple of hand lines in self-defense. Maybe when we get to non blowie infested waters we'll have a go with them and the bloodworm, prawns and dead fish.

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