32.589S 115.834E
Skies 5/8 cloud
Heading 337.41 degrees
Rob at helm
Speed 2 knots
22 degrees Celsius
1015 HPa Falling
Humidity 49%

We're heading up the Murray as far as we can, we've both had practise piloting, and we're just having a little go now, away from people. The river is fairly narrow here and green, lots of private jetties, birds and fish are jumping.

Temperature:22 degrees C
Heading: moored at Pelican's E
Hygrometer 54%
Barometer 1012HPa falling

Moored at Pelicans after coming down the Murray, getting feel for the Lady Rose. She ain't no lady. She steers like a brick. Shaped like one too!

We will be heading for Cooper's Mill after this.

Lunch was nice and we saw a Little Eagle and lots of snake birds including fluffy young.

North Town Jetty. 19:00.
32.31.960S 115.43.094E
Temp: 17C
Bar: 1015 S
Hyd: 70%

Moored at town jetty after grounding twice. We had to moor here as the Boundary Island mooring was blocked by a single boat! Leece navigated the Hall's Head canals very skillfully. Crossing the eastury was exciting, as we were battling the sea breeze. Also, as we exitted the Murray, we saw a dolphin, not 10 metres from the boat! We also saw lots of migrating waders flying in, and greenshanks, godwits, and terns. We are moored by three lines tonight, so we should be OK. Significant points: Exitted Murray at 15:55, left Boundary Island at 17:20, entered Hall's Head at 17:50, left it at 18:04. Moored at 18:50.

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