Pre Ship's Log: 31/10/2004

7:31PM. We've driven down to Ravenswood safely, and have got our motel room fine. I'm typing this sitting on the bed in our room. If I look to my left through the window, I can see the last light of dusk settling through the trees and spreading on the water of the Murray River, not 50 metres away. We are intrigued by some quite large splashes we observed in the water during dinner, quite big fish must have made them! Dinner was very welcome, a surf and turf with garlic prawns at the pub/hotel.

I've seen night heron and kingfishers today, a little eagle as well on our drive down. Tomorrow we will go and be taught how to pilot the houseboat Jessica.

We're a bit tired after the drive, we'll have a good sleep tonight and get to the boat nice and early tomorrow I think. That's the idea anyway. We've tested out the video camera and played it back through the motel's tv, it looks pretty good! Especially in our quasi cheesy documetary style. We're going to have fun editting this footage. The sound, suprisingly, isn't too bad.

Ok, ship's loggy things:
Time: 19:51
Temperature: 15 degrees C
Barometer: 1013HPa Rising
Hygrometer: 48%
Wind: Still
Heading: Becalmed (we're in a motel room) at S32.35.150 E115.49.630 (by the Garmin Etrex)

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